guildford angling society - angling matches

Congratulations to our Winners and Runners-Up listed below. Some great fish being caught! Also the club
would like to say well done and a big thanks to all those who took part in all matches.

Final results table for 2015/2016 - Click Here

1st ROUND SENIOR CARP CUP - Brittens Pond, Surrey - 4th/5th July 2015
1st Place - Steve Thornhill with 104lb 12oz
2nd Place - Alan Tanner with 62lb 8oz
3rd Place - Dan Turner with 42lb 0oz
JUNIOR NIGHT MATCH - Brittens Pond, Surrey - 18th/19th July 2015

1st Place - Harvey Smith with 110lb 10oz
2nd Place - Matt Burgess with 70lb 6oz
3rd Place - Charlie Smith with 69lb 5oz
Biggest Fish of the Match - Alfie Higgs with a 24lb Common Carp - Photo Available

2nd ROUND SENIOR CARP CUP - Brittens Pond, Surrey - 12th/13th September 2015
1st Place - Dan Turner with 74lbs
2nd Place - Jamie Ringer with 72lb 12oz
3rd Place - Alex Tanner with 37lb 4oz
3rd ROUND SENIOR CARP CUP - Brittens Pond, Surrey - 10th/11th October 2015
1st Place - Andy Sanderson
2nd Place - Graham Looseley
3rd Place - Dan Turner
XMAS (PAIRS) MATCH SUNDAY - Brittens Pond, Surrey - 7th December 2015
Winners - Alan Tanner/Alex Tanner
ROY HERBERT MEMORIAL TROPHY - Brittens Pond, Surrey - 6th March 2016
Winner - Vinnie Toher with a 19lb 15oz Mirror Carp - Photo Available