Guildford Angling Society

The current chairman, Alan Tanner has been on the committee since 1985 and has seen many changes
over the years. The committee has changed from a mostly match angler focus to a Carp focus now.
Over the years the club has looked into acquiring new waters which now as ever is a challenge.
We welcome on board to the club as from July 2016 our new Fishery Officer Simon Holland.

Here at Guildford Angling Society we really value your comments and suggestions. Simply drop us an
email [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as we can. Alternatively, if you
are seeking information on membership of the club, details can be found on our membership page.

Guildford Angling Society - Alan
Guildford Angling Society - Graham
Guildford Angling Society - Simon
Guildford Angling Society - Steve

Alan Tanner – Chairman

Joined our committee in 1985
Contact Alan: 07939 114061

Graham Looseley – Vice Chairman

Joined our committee in 2000
Contact Graham: 07779 105201

Simon Holland – Fishery Officer

Joined our committee in July 2016
Contact Simon: 07552 454445

Steve Thornhill – Match Secretary

Joined our committee in 2005
Contact Steve: 07787 534273

Mark Ed-Longhurst – Head Bailiff

Joined our committee in 2018
Contact Mark: 07984 216502

Night Fishing Contact

07721 775412